Zeeky – Where I’m From (Yonkers Remix)

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Published On 05/26/2015 » By Shiyana » Front Page, Music, Video


Hailing from Yonkers one of the toughest cities in New York, rapper Zeeky delivers his rendition of Jay-ZWhere I’m From“.

At only 26 years-old the fellow rapper has managed to reap street buzz which thankfully landed in my lap down south.  With his introduction to the world, Zeeky continues to depict the city that made him the man he is today.  As the self-proclaimed “Mr. 8 Dayz A Week” tackles the infamous Jay-Z record — which includes the Brooklynite’s excerpts, Zeeky gives his take on stories about his hood and adversities.

The added imagery from director GQ shuns away the idea of any incredulity from his rhymes. “Block taught me how to hustle / Now I got new chips / No more tenders and fries / it’s Ruth Chris / I’m from Jackson Street it was nothing but crack around me / Use to make my little four hundred / Spend it on Cross County.”  Make sure to check the visual below.

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