Ye Ali Cashes Out And Takes Us On His Experience

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Published On 02/10/2016 » By Shiyana » Front Page, Music, Video
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Midwest crooner Ye Ali takes us on his sensual adventure in newest visual Cashin’ Out.

What’s the point of a young man’s life in Atlanta and if not visiting a certain strip club?  No judgement from our end, but you certainly have to look back on your life with a story or two.  The Indiana playboy Ye Ali, who attended college in Atlanta, presents us with his new visual “Cashin’ Out” which captures a lustful viewpoint directed by Riley Robbins.

Got me in the mood got me cashin’ out girl / Strippin’ in the nude got me cashin’ out girl / When you hit the pole got me cashin out girl / Had to let you know had me cashin’ out girl,” sings Ye Ali.  The aggressive and silky production by Sxlo, Og Parker and Goldenchyld brought Ye’s suave personality to life that easily puts him in the “ladies love” category.  Not sure if this record is going to be on his forthcoming Private Suite EP, but we will keep him on our radar.

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