SNY Video – MoxiiE “Jilted 2.0”

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Published On 02/11/2015 » By Shiyana » Front Page, Music, Video

The Brooklyn born artist Moxiie has presented a new visual called Jilted 2.0 that leaves you feeling energetic, sensual and thinking of your ex.  Sounds like perfect timing with Valentine’s Day around the corner.  The SoundKillers own Grammy nominated producer Reo remixed and visually created this record which was a plus for the electro-pop empress.

The intoxicating song combined Moxxie’s unique vocals and lyrics to make her stand out from the rest.  “Am I just somebody that you use to know / when you choose to know / that’s dangerous / cause I cry every time you yelled at me / so baby goodbye“, sings Moxiie.  While from our perspective we hear Jilted 2.0 being about an ex that didn’t express love and abandoned her, she states that the lyrics were inspired by her father and she also vented frustrations after the lost of her grandmother stated in a recent interview.


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