SNY Tech News – Step towards spinal cord recovery through sensory neurons

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Published On 11/26/2014 » By Shiyana » Tech




Apparently there is a simple method to convert human skin cells into specialized neurons that detect pain, itch, touch and other bodily sensations.  “This method is rapid, robust and scalable. Therefore we hope that these induced sensory neurons will allow our group and others to identify new compounds that block pain and itch and to better understand and treat neurodegenerative disease and spinal cord injury,” states Associate Professor Kristin K. Baldwin, an investigator in TSRI’s Dorris Neuroscience Center.

This new discovery would give an acute look at how scientists can help those who have an incurable neurodegenerative disease and advance a “personalized medicine” approach.  To read more on this article please see Scripps Research Institute news release.

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