SNY Tech News – SOSCharger Helps Smartphone Users And More!

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Published On 03/10/2015 » By Shiyana » Tech

The days of finding an electric socket to charge your smartphone or any device that uses an USB are over.  SOSCharger has supplied us with an easy way to not only to charge our Android and Iphone devices, but also other products utilizing the USB-standard power source.  On my way back to the states, I found myself along with other passengers [in San Juan, Puerto Rico] looking for an outlet to charge our phones, but there we could find nothing.

Assuming they would have an electrical charger on the plane [as they did traveling to Puerto Rico], I would feel at ease and could listen to my iPod on a 3 hour flight.  Unfortunately they didn’t have that either.  I told myself never again and was in search of another alternative means to charging my phone and iPod.

SOScharger        cell_phone_charger


I found a lot of battery life solutions that I could take along in case of an emergency, I’m on vacation or to give as a gift.  Overall I found the SOSCharger quite nifty.  It has its own generator that you can power to charge your phone by winding for 3-5 minutes.  It gives you a little workout, it’s traveler approved and best of all it doesn’t give a thief an idea to steal it.  You can read more on the specifications and price by visiting HERE

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