SNY Tech News – Ingredient Filler To Trick Mind To Being Full

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Published On 12/15/2014 » By Shiyana » Tech

I’m usually the first to know about different foods that will make you full or what hydrates you without drinking water.  As you can tell by the picture below of my family’s Thanksgiving table, there’s a lot to go around.  When I read an article today about new ingredients tricking your mind into thinking you’re full, I had to share.  Here in the United States we have alarming statistics of people being overweight and obese, mainly of course in the southern region and many have blamed it on the foods along with poor exercise.

Researchers conducted a series of tests from Imperial College London and the University of Glasgow that would prevent weight gain.  The ingredient contains propionate, which prompts the stomach to releasing hormones that executes the brain to reduce hunger.  I’m not surprise that this medical discovery has happened, as many medicines manipulate the mind into stopping a cough amongst other things.  I’m not sure how safe this would be to someone’s body, but to read more on the article click here



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