Music Review: Chevelle O. Ryan ‘Helium – Eureka (EP)’

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Published On 01/21/2015 » By Shiyana » Music Reviews



The 7Nature Music Group artist Chevelle O. Ryan is releasing his upcoming EP entitled Helium – Eureka tomorrow. We at SNY had the opportunity to hear it first and get insight of who this visual/music artist is becoming.  This eclectic gem for the conscious minds of the world features production from MJ Nichols, MKSB  and more.  With many music reviews I tend to zone out and stay focused on the message or theme the artist is conveying.  Chevelle had no problem expressing his thoughts of self awareness, love and fun through out this project.

The first record “Intro” pulls your soul into a bass and string production which he poetically shares his view on being in control and choosing to live in this world in love or fear.  Not to fill your ears strictly with conscious rhymes Chevelle gives us “Top Floor” which is fairly reminiscent of a fun OVO production that can easily be heard cruising either in Texas, the Bay area or in Miami.  “Everyday I’m grinding hard / I’m trying to get it / nothing promised cause anything goes” raps Chevelle.   To share his aggression on how many rappers have decided to start a rap with no message or meaning he clearly points out the lack of creativity in “Recently“. Overall the 9 track project Helium – Eureka is ear pleasing and worthy of becoming the most talked about project from a L.A. artist.  His EP can be streamed and will be available tomorrow at

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