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Published On 01/15/2015 » By Shiyana » Fashion, Front Page

Wearing an exclusive snap back is the ultimate to-do in our era.  Some would even say it’s their crown and expression towards nobility.  Hot 97’s DJ Drewski shared an exclusive The MVMT NJ Snap Back on his instagram a few days ago which received an overwhelming amount of feedback.  The garden state DJ is proud to represent his state and more importantly has put in a lot of work to get everyone involved. The wool , woven snap back comes in black/white and black/gold with raised embroidery letters NJ on the front along with the state’s image in the middle.  It also includes the signature #TheMVMT on the left quadrant.



Whether you have gone to New Jersey for their disco fries, NFL games, Summer Jam or in my mother’s case to shop at Paramus Park Mall, you found a piece of New Jersey you like.  I know I can’t drive back to North Carolina without stopping by El Chevere in Passaic.  These exclusive MVMT NJ snap backs are available at and you can see Drewski January 20th at Hot 97’s Who’s Next event which also includes a performance from Paterson, New Jersey most talked about rapper Fetty Wap!  Make sure to follow @SoDrewski @JoinTheMVMT

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