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Published On 09/23/2016 » By Shiyana » Editorial, Fashion, Front Page, SNY Interviews




Yonkers, New York is home to Mary J. Blige, Jon Voight, the infamous David Berkowitz , the late Betty Shabazz, DMX and a host of other inventors, athletes, and entertainers.  It’s a thriving inner suburb city adjacent to the birthplace of Hip-Hop known as the Bronx.  It’s no pretty picture for the weak at heart, but it is home to those who made the best out of their situations.  It’s where I was born, it’s where I go when I want the world’s best chicken calzone from Alfonso‘s, it’s my home away from home.  I can only utilize my platform and pay it forward by supporting entrepreneurs and anyone who celebrates my city.

I had the opportunity to speak with Rico of City of Yonkers Incorporated.  It was created to get back to the roots by intertwining industry and creativity which makes Yonkers great.   Make sure you read the brief interview and check out some of their merchandise below.


SouthernNewYorker.comYou state that you founded City of Yonkers Incorporated as a way to get back to those roots by combining the creativity and industry that made the city great.  When did you form the company and please let us know what was the inspiration in choosing an innovator such as Benjamin Franklin wearing a bandana?

City Of Yonkers Incorporated: The company was incorporated in April 2016.  I’m from Yonkers and all you see here is everybody trying to become rappers.  So I decided I wanted to put us on the map in a different way.  One day I was cruising the city and I saw the Yonkers seal. I was like, you know what I need to come up with something to rep where I’m from. So I decided to flip our seal.  Now if you look at the logo City of Yonkers Incorporated, means the city getting together as one.  I used Ben Frank with the flag over his face as a sign of getting money in the USA.


CYi takes pride in its home base and wants to give you the apparel to show off your love of the city. Each CYi hat is designed to represent the city’s name and spirit.


SNYMany celebrities are very selective in what they wear, however, I noticed that rapper, Styles P was wearing your “CYi SnapBack Black”.  How does it feel to have a successful Yonkers native supporting your company?

CYI: Well those are the big homies in the town. They put our name where it’s at now so once this idea got incorporated I had to reach out to SP to make sure they had their hats. It’s only right, we all from Yonkers and I know they love the city as much as we do! We appreciate everything they doing. Shout out to The Lox.


SNY: Do you plan on expanding City of Yonkers Incorporated in the near future? 

CYI: Yes, we’re working on locking the major Westchester cities down. People from these cities are asking about the hats so once we get Yonkers where we want it, then we can branch off and take care of the rest of the cities.


cyi 3             cyi hats 2


The 100% cotton snapback is available in green, red, blue and black with the CYi logo on the front and 914 tag on the back.  We were also informed that their signature CYi logo pocket crewneck shirts can also be purchased on




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