SNY Audio + Webisode – The Gooberz “Mango” / Episode 3 “Stormin”

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Published On 01/06/2015 » By Shiyana » Audio, Entertainment, Front Page, Music

Hip Hop has certainly influenced the culture over the years in expressing the hard life in the ghetto to having an Australian rapper top the charts with a Fancy lifestyle.  Now it has taken aim into the animation world with a couple of Hip Hop based cartoons known as The Gooberz (OJ and Gurt) who live in a small town called A-Section.

I must admit I thought perhaps this show was seen on Adult Swim however after dating a guy in the past who breathes animation, I began to take a liking to all things in cartoon form.  If you’re in for a good laugh take a listen to the duo’s song “Mango” and watch their recent episode “Stormin” below.  Make sure to follow what these two crazy guys are up to @TheGooberz while they attend Coachella!



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