Lexus Hoverboard Hoax or Real Deal?

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Published On 06/30/2015 » By Shiyana » Tech


It has come to our attention that another hoverboard has surfaced and as a “Back To The Future” stan, I hope this is the real deal.  Last week Lexus introduced a short teaser of their Slide hoverboard distributing liquid nitrogen gas awaiting the skater.

I was thoroughly impressed on the design showing stylish and current similarities seen in a Lexus car.  So how does it work you ask.  Well, it doesn’t show a full version of the video and the skater zooming on the sidewalk, but as part of their Amazing in Motion campaign they are working on the future.  Apparently its magnetic levitation is formed by superconductors and permanent magnets which is cooled by the liquid nitrogen.  I have to say this is more impressive than the hoax Funny or Die pulled, but even if it wasn’t real it gives hope that engineers are trying.

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