Kid Ink Goes Full Speed in Charlotte North Carolina

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Published On 04/30/2015 » By Shiyana » Events, Front Page, Music, Music Reviews

Kid Ink makes “Full Speed” tour stop in North Carolina and fires crowd up with hit songs.

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Charlotte welcomed Los Angeles rapper Kid Ink with open arms at Amos Southend last night. The RCA recording artist developed an intensely live show leading up to his set with opening acts Bricc Baby Shitro and Luke Christopher.

To start things off in the show, the international rap sensation Kid Ink proceeded into his Full Speed album with  “What It Feels Like“.  He delivered raw lyrics about his life prior to his record deal of having no money and continuing to go full speed in his career no matter the obstacles.  As the crowd was full of heads nodding and gravitating towards his every word, he thanked everyone for coming out.  Which would make sense considering Odd Future was in town.  Nonetheless, the show continued on as he performed more songs from the album including “Hotel“, “Body Language” and “Blunted“.

To test the crowd he asked if he had some true fans before his commercial success.  “How many of y’all are true Kid Ink fans?  I’m talking about way, way back when I first started?  Yell out some songs if you want to hear me perform a throwback!” says Kid Ink.  As the crowd yells out some songs from his World Tour and Wheels Up mixtapes, he goes in with what his DJ had on hand.  To end the show on a memorable note he performs the crazed EDM record “Delirious”  he collaborated with Steve Aoki.   To say the least this show was a very energetic and an original favorite one I’ve ever attended.

Listen to Kid Ink’s  “Full Speed” on Spotify.

Prior to Tha Alumni rapper came the dreamy-eyed RCA label mate Luke Christopher, who brought an overwhelming yet refreshing production. During the 19-year-old’s set he spoke with the crowd exposing his truth to making it as an artist. “I’m so happy to be here on this stage. We drove here on a mini-van and I haven’t taken a shower in three days. It’s all worth it, I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. I love you guys for rocking out with me”, stated Luke. As the next act Bricc Baby Shitro appeared, a mass of Batgang followers chanted a few songs from his Nasty Dealer mixtape. He brought enough trap music which was all too familiar for the southern state.

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