Interview + Stream: Cash Sinatra Takes Charge And Reigns Supreme

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Published On 05/17/2016 » By Shiyana » Audio, Editorial, Front Page, PlayMix, SNY Interviews

Mini-documentary of Cash Sinatra — “Sway In The Morning” and SXSW 2016.

When you start anything in life that’s new and unfamiliar it can be a bit scary.  However, if you have faith, are ambitious and have support it won’t be such a rocky road.  Every creative who stood on their own and went against the traditional path that others wanted them to be have found not only success, but happiness doing it their own way.  In the process some lose people dear to their heart and others may have silent supporters waiting for their come up.

Queens rapper Cash Sinatra released his newest project ‘Raheem‘ and SNY had the opportunity to converse with this innovative and crowd pleasing emcee to discuss his brand, team, music and being the “golden child” in the family.  “One day I came out and said that I seriously wanted to do music — and all moods changed.  Family members wouldn’t reach out as much, they were often worried and plenty more.  My only doubt comes from my family’s thoughts.  This project really helped me kick every doubt I had in my head and at the same time allowed me to tell my story,” says Cash Sinatra.

Today certainly is a motivational Tuesday with this interview.  We support those who kicked down the doors to make their own path and quiet the naysayers.  You can stream his project ‘Raheem’ and check the interview below! Coming from Queens, how are you differentiating yourself from other upcoming rappers?

Cash Sinatra:  I differentiate myself as an artist from other up and comers with quality in everything I do.  When I present anything with my brand’s name on it to the people — it’s always done in a way where it’s clean and attractive to the eyes and ears.  My first passion was acting so I’m also using that to make a difference.  You’ll see me doing a lot of acting within my visuals and side projects.

SNYYou stated in “Outro” that you just wanted your best friend back, which is your mom. Has there been any change of heart supporting your music career?

CS: There hasn’t really been a change of heart per say when it comes to my music and my mom.  I wouldn’t say she “supports” it, but she’s definitely more accepting of my role. She sees that I’m 100% serious about it and that can’t be denied.  So it’s kinda like she’s watching on the sideline critiquing, not really rooting.

SNYHow was your experience at SXSW and what are some things you’ll take from that festival?

CS: The SXSW experience this year was dope!  I was able to go out there last year to get my feet wet.  This time around I had a decent show and on a bigger scale.  I got to network with people from all around the U.S. that has similar goals to mine, so that was ill.  I took from that festival a key note.  I really zoned in on what the people like sonically and visually.  I like to observe human behavior. I study things in all environments just trying to get in different people’s minds, just to tap into what humans react to.  It really helps me creatively.

SNYIn your video “Nah!” you bring a certain cinematic vibe that shows you alongside your crew. You rapped, “I’m 6’3 with a small team, that’s gonna get up and get green.”  In your opinion what are some valuable  principles to stand on in the beginning stages with a team?

CS: Ah man, in the beginning stages of a team I must say it’s a lot.  Mainly because you have a group of different minds that kinda have to run on the same accord.  You really have to get to learn your people in and out.  Artists are really sensitive about their work, so having a team sometimes can be mentally strenuous.  Once your team is solid, you understand each other and the common goal, there’s no stopping y’all.

SNYWhat else can we expect from Cash Sinatra in 2016?

CS: Cash Sinatra 2016 — you can expect a lot of visuals, a lot of acting, more music, a possible tour [you ain’t hear that from me] and we got a few tricks up the sleeve coming too!

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