Interview: Lexi Chow – the empowered woman

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Published On 11/24/2014 » By Shiyana » Entertainment, SNY Interviews

As a writer and marketing consultant, I finally got to interview someone who is on the mission to success as myself. got Lexi Chow, a publicist, philanthropist and now actress to talk about her recent endeavors.  Check the link and see how this Renaissance woman is taking her brand to the next level!






Lexi Chow: A True Renaissance Woman From behind the camera as a publicist and philanthropist, now in front of the camera. What’s this I hear about a book? Are you trying to take over the world?

Lexi Chow: Basically it’s a brand. I’m trying to infiltrate everyone’s home (laughs) by tapping into various markets that can influence or spark an interest. Not everybody has the same taste, not everybody is into reading or action movies, their interests may lay in social reform and human welfare.


HMR: Having that platform to speak about Preserve Our Legacy and becoming a public figure will allow many to know how important that is. Speaking on your new endeavors how was the transition from publicist to film?

LC: I was a little hesitant at first because now the tables have turned. As to where I called the shots for my clients I’ve had to take a slice of humble pie and hear “no” for the first time. I had pursued tv/film many years ago while I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have- you know life, family; it came up and I decided building my own boutique public relations firm would enable me to have creativity, control and make a difference in someone’s life. I could still have my hands behind the scenes and help others careers blossom. So I put pursuing my dream of acting aside and told myself later on in life if the opportunity knocks again, I would open the door. The timing just seemed so right, right now. It was this time last year that a few casting directors approached me. I was like “No, no, no. I have client’s, I don’t want any conflicts of interest.”  So I slept on it. I didn’t have any actors/actresses on my roster at the time, so I said what the hell! A few of my close friends were like, “Girl go for it!” I just did it and I never made a big hoot about it, I never tooted my horn. There was a method to my madness and I want it to be gradual. If somebody found out, they found out. I didn’t want to have a twitter bio that stated, “Actress, model, rapper, publicist, mother, wife, stylist, event planner, manager and singer.” Being a publicist, yes, I do have a lot more access to certain opportunities, not that I would take every one, but the ones that would makes sense. It is a gradual transition, it feels natural. I took a leap a faith, I was scared at first and here I am! Kicking ass and writing books!

HMR: Being that you hosted some political campaigns, what is your viewpoint on the GOP speaking less about healthcare and more about saving businesses?

LC: Healthcare should be the number one issue in America; the employment situation for many Americans is “real” for many struggling families and individuals. If you can’t find a job how are you going to get these “benefits” that comes along with these jobs? How can you have unhealthy workers? When you have unhealthy workers, one may look healthy on the outside but their internal is suffering. As an American citizen, I think health insurance should be an entitlement in this country whether it is low cost or free, just like Canada. Canadians have free health insurance; you have Europeans that have free healthcare and mothers that are able to take maternity leave along with fathers with paid leave. These countries value the family. Family plus health equals happy healthy individuals.


HMR: Lastly, what projects or developments can we expect from Lexi Chow?

LC: oh gosh, where do I begin! I am working on several independent films, my book and starting my own organization for underprivileged women. I have been training in martial arts, kung fu, and weaponry so I have been doing a lot of rigorous training majority of it is choreographed, but damn it it’s just as deadly. These films are more military and combat based. It’s all hands on and pretty physical, no stunt doubles. Those films will not be out until next year and I’m also in a film that got accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. I’m really excited about that. I’ve been taking on a lot of action and assassin like roles for instance I get to play the leader of an all female Special Ops team in SEALS. Next year my book should be ready, we’re just getting together the creative side, the photography and such. The concept book is really cool. I can’t divulge the full details as of yet, but it is a cookbook. There’s a twist to the concept. (Laughs) Lastly, I haven’t tossed public relations to the side, I will be conducting workshops for college students and individuals interested in pursuing a career in entertainment.


Interviewed by: Shiyana Bellamy

Conducted on October 24, 2011

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