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Published On 11/23/2014 » By Shiyana » Music, SNY Interviews

I finally spoke with DJ E. Sudd to discuss how he linked up with Travis Porter, state of North Carolina’s brand, future projects and touring with 2 Chainz.  Check out the exclusive interview I did for with North Carolina’s “Golden Child”.


esudd You’ve come a long way and made a name for yourself in North Carolina. What did it take for you to get where you are today?

DJ E. Sudd: I’d like to say consistency, staying at it, strong team and hard work. Staying on my grind that’s the main thing at this.
HMR: Where did you get the name “Golden Child” from?

DES: Pretty much “Golden Child” is the chosen one. It’s represented in a lot of different ways, movies and everything else. Of course my complexion had something to do with it, every since I was young I’ve always had a gold rope necklace or little gold ring. Gold is what I wore as well, so Golden Child made sense I liked it as a color and that’s what we ran with, it was catchy.
HMR: That’s cool and original. How did you link up with Porter House?
DES: I linked up with my parter DJ Teknikz of Street Executives Entertainment and I was in Atlanta three times a month rocking with him. Street Executives is a promotional company that’s a part of Porter House and with me being tied to Street Execs. I was always around the Porter House situation. I played my part bringing them to North Carolina a few times having them do shows. Really I was just down with the team, they saw the work I was doing with the artists that I was dealing with in North Carolina with Cream Team, Tigo B and everybody else I’ve partnered with in North Carolina. They were like, “Yo Sudd, we really feel like it would be valuable, we already know you down with the team, but let’s make it official. Let’s make it an actual job for you.” Once it became that I really had devoured more time into it and that’s pretty much they recognized my grind.



HMR: I come across a lot of NC artists and some say that we don’t support each other. Also, when people outside of NC hear of the Tar Heel state, they think J.Cole & Petey Pablo or Michael Jordan. What do you think it will take to get the world to see NC has more to offer and as a unit?

DES: You can’t even say it’s really not about supporting each other, everywhere you go it’s somebody that’s not liking what you doing or is doing the same thing and they’re working to get to the same place that you trying to get to. You know what I mean, really not even worrying about getting your support but making your own way because everything is not going to be given. That’s the last thing I’m waiting for, you got to make people respect you and you got to make people support you. North Carolina does have a sound, does have a face, North Carolina is a brand, but we just got competition of course in New York, Atlanta, Miami, Texas and Cali. Everybody else got big, is known for their sound and music, but North Carolina is still branding that. All it means is that we got to work harder, just like for me to get where I’m going I have to stay consistent. We got to change up with the music scene and go ten times harder than the next man that’s going. At the same time you can’t blame it on the state, its work. If you are in a state that’s not getting a lot of shine, sometimes you got to step outside that state and you got to go where the shine is at. You got to go to the right people where those right connections can be made and that’s one thing I did was step outside my box. I went to another area and I’m still developing a brand down here, but at the same time I’m repping hometown. I got a North Carolina fitted on right now, I’m not in North Carolina but I’m repping. At the end of the day I’m putting in for the home team. Hard work where ever you are at, step outside your box and hit these streets. You not gonna blow up sitting on your behind, staying in North Carolina and if you hear J. Cole he was not always in North Carolina, he did plenty of traveling.
HMR: I’m glad that you broke that down. Speaking of traveling I heard you are on tour how’s that going?  Do you have any advice for DJ’s trying to get in that lane?

DES: Yeah, I’m tour with Tity Boi right now.  A lot of people know him by 2 Chainz of Playaz Circle.  The “Codeine Cowboy Tour” is in a different city just been on the road for the past few months. We had or have shows in Tennessee, Ohio, Alabama, L.A. and Chicago.  So we definitely always are working. I would say grind hard, stay humble, stay consistent, stay true to yourself and stay down until you come up.  That’s the main sacrifice, stay true to your team, don’t be out here clique hopping.  If you rocking with somebody and they hot stay with them.  Its work, just work with your team and stay hungry.
HMR: Lastly what can we expect from DJ E. Sudd in 2011?
DES: Of course plenty more mixtapes. Got a Creme Team project coming real soon out of Greensboro, North Carolina coming late July. Travis Porter album coming near mid-summer and look for me in a city near you on this “Codeine Cowboy Tour” or your city’s club.


Interviewed by: Shiyana Bellamy

Conducted on June 15, 2011

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