Interview: B Howard – Everlasting Happiness

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Published On 11/24/2014 » By Shiyana » Music, SNY Interviews set me up with an international pop phenom name Brandon “B” Howard.  Coming from a musical family he continues to deliver great ballads to make him any young girl’s dreamy guy.  Check the interview below to see how he handles stage hiccups, who he’d like to work with and his mother dealing with paparazzi!




She still till this day checks on me to make sure I’m ok, she tells me to be careful.  She just had some press people waiting outside her house and says to be careful.


B. Howard..Everlasting Success Can you explain to everyone who B. Howard is as an artist?

B. Howard: As an artist I’m musical, innovative, simple, great and exciting. Happiness I guess, but in one word excellence.

HMR: You come from a musical background. Your grandmother Josephine Howard was in the gospel group the Caravans, your mother Miki Howard known singer. I noticed that your mom was protective of you being in this music industry, so what made her feel at ease once you adapted to the entertainment life?

BH: I told her, “its ok, I’m not worried about anything and I’ll just keep going.”  She still till this day checks on me to make sure I’m ok, she tells me to be careful. She just had some press people waiting outside her house and says to be careful.

HMR: Wow, paparazzi are everywhere. As far as being a producer/songwriter has there been a time when you worked with an artist and said, “Wow this person is going to be an unbelievable artist for years to come?”

BH: Oh yeah, I felt that way about Lupe Fiasco when I worked with him. It was a lot of fun working with him, he’s brilliant. He gives a lot of the great lyrics, he’s not too much on the cussing side and has a message like I have messages in my songs. He’s just a great overall guy and a humanitarian too. We come from the same place.
HMR: Speaking on messages in songs, how does the transition or rather ease of being a songwriter/producer to artist work for you?

BH: It’s not so much of a transition, I’ve always been an artist. I just wanted to learn every aspect of my craft so that I could be able to continue to have my own sound. A lot of sounds are, I don’t know if people are contrived. They give you something and you just record it, but with me I know what my sound is so I keep it consistent. Trials and tribulations not so much, one time on stage which was my first performance I had a lot of sound difficulties with the keyboard. It was tough, but pushing through it was fine. There hasn’t been too many trials like that.




HMR: Is there anyone that you would like to work with in the future or collaborate with?

BH: Actually there is Kanye who I really like. My friend Ryan Leslie, we’ve never done anything together and maybe we can do a collaboration.

HMR: What defines your sound, what separates you from the pack of other r&b/pop singers?

BH: I guess the whole package, you know my music, my voice the vivation that you feel when I’m singing. From what I heard anyways, most people like to feel me when they hear my music they actually know me. They know different parts of my songs, they can tell by the feel of it that it’s me. I put most of my energy and spirit inside of the music so that everybody can feel that way. As far as my sound, it has classic elements and a lot of new elements what people say is new. It’s a good mixture with “Dancefloor” which is the single that’s out now, I put together the mpc drums and all the synth strings and mixed it with live music. I mixed it all together to make a big sound that’s current and a different audience can listen to.

HMR: Glad you brought up “Dancefloor”, what was the creative process?

BH: With “Dancefloor” I wanted to reach everyone and I wanted to inspire people, make people move, feel the energy. To feel happy, uplifting their spirit and the creative process I recorded the track in Miami with the different guys. We put it together and going with Katy Davis making the mix, making certain parts to rise up on different things. It was an intricate process and just making it as beautiful for everyone.

HMR: To wrap things up what can we expect from you with the album?

BH: A lot of surprises, it’s going to be very big and magical. I am going to be pushing this song “Dancefloor” as well and there also is another follow up album I’m going to be putting out as well.


Interviewed by: Shiyana Bellamy

Conducted on July 29, 2011

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