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Published On 06/16/2015 » By Shiyana » Tech

There have been plenty of times in the past where I walked the streets of New York City by myself, on my college campus to pull a photo studio all-nighter or getting a call from a friend telling me to talk to them while they walk back to their car.  All of which on my part were very foolish and unsafe, but thankfully I got to my destination all in one piece.

There’s a new app for women like myself who can somewhat feel at ease when it comes to places that are a bit dangerous.  It’s called bSafe and you type in your safety network, it’ll let them know when you’re somewhere dangerous, and the app will walk you home with Follow Me’s live GPS trace.   If you don’t respond, it alerts your loved ones that something may be wrong.

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I’m sure if you are traveling alone internationally this would be useful in places like South America, Asia and more which would rest the mind of a parent.  Going on a date with someone you met online?  Well that’s taken care of as too, as it can get you out of a bad date.  You can read and download the app HERE.

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