Editor’s Corner: When Your Foundation Is Tested

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Published On 09/21/2016 » By Shiyana » Front Page, Life

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Keep Your Foundation Grounded…

They say home is where the heart is and Yonkers, New York will always be a place I shared my best memories growing up.  I haven’t written in awhile and frankly felt mentally yet emotionally drained due to family deaths, personal health issues, and losing friendships.  I always stayed in Yonkers with my uncle who passed away this year and whenever he wanted to come to North Carolina, I’d be on the highway in a heartbeat.  So when he passed away it was really hard for me to grasp he wasn’t here anymore.  Now who do I talk with about my crazy stories in the city, answer questions about what I do or talk to about music?

I’m usually the strong one in the family and the first to step up when someone is in need.  If you’re in my circle or someone I speak to frequently, I’m there to change your words from a negative to a positive, giving you perspective on things that may seem unclear and encouraging you through my words or gifts.  I thank God I am blessed with a group of best friends and people who checked in on me when I needed to take my mind off things or vent.   Everyone grieves differently and I found myself just holding it in, taking new jobs and putting work in front of everything instead of dealing with it.  I was so wrong in doing that in the beginning and needed to take some time away to get back my sanity.

So, I cried, got inspired by my client’s music, cried again, took better care of my health, talked with God, cried again, forgave myself along with those who hurt me and spent my time with people who deserved it.  I will get back to the content, but focus mostly on the interviews because I want to share people’s stories, experiences and most importantly make sure you get inspired.

In the word’s of T.D. Jakes, “Storms come to try your foundation“.  So when the storm begins to rage keep hold of your foundation.  Your foundation that keeps you grounded, those who accept you and keep you up when you are down. Memories and love are forever.  Love is love. – Shiyana Bellamy



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Shiyana Bellamy is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Southern New Yorker. When she's not connecting the dots for music artists with her partners, she writes or dives into cooking.

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