Chise Stays True To Self In Smooth Record Featuring Delly

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Published On 12/07/2015 » By Shiyana » Audio, Front Page, Music

Staten Island rapper Chise allures us with new record featuring Delly.

It’s a first that we have emerging rapper Chise on SNY, but if you know anything about our site we only share the best.  As a gift to his fans on turning twenty four, he teamed up with singer and producer Delly called “Stayed Down.”

You clearly get the gist of Chise’s rhymes about loyalty to his team, city and reflecting on perfecting himself.  We all may get at a level of success and become everything we hope to be, but there’s always a level of integrity once you get there.  He raps, “Use to put five on a dime bag / I use to cut class for this s–t / Back then I was still fly man / Spending lunch money on fashion and s–t.”  There isn’t a set date, but he plans to release his project early 2016.













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