Anthony Flammia Gets Honest With Lover In New Video “H20”

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Published On 12/01/2015 » By Shiyana » Front Page, Music, Video


Yonkers, New York singer-songwriter/producer gets fed up with lady lover who refuses to give him space.

When you are in a relationship, one of the key factors in having a healthy partnership is getting away from each other.  Anthony Flammia delivers a soulful melody entitled “H20” that talks about his lover who just doesn’t get how to balance a personal and love life.  “I want to get next to you as much as you want to be next me / But can I breathe?/ This type s–t happens way too often” sings Anthony.  I’ve seen a lot of relationships crumble over this matter.  Yes, I have caught myself wanting to be under my lover all day, but I get back to reality and need some “me time.”  Directed by Greg Cally you will see him being followed as he’s brutally honest with his beloved.


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