Alex Aff Plays The Background On Route To Success

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Published On 02/09/2016 » By Shiyana » Audio, Front Page, Music


Durham emcee/producer Alex Aff delivers soulful and provoking record on coming up in the music industry.

For anyone who strives for success or has gone through some life changing events may want to take a listen to this new record called “The Background.”  Alex Aff makes his first appearance on SNY and speaks openly about the struggles in his life.  “The song is pretty much about understanding that in order to get where you want to go, it’s necessary to play the background sometimes and stay down until you come up,” states Alex Aff.

I pray to God that I make it in the nick of time / Can’t relate to these n–gas I ain’t rapping bout getting fly / Five dollars on me keep it real I’m barely getting by / At my lowest of lows I thought about getting high,” raps Alex.  Not a lot of rappers are bold to share their story and we respect the creativity that came with this record.  Make sure you take a listen to this record and you can find more information on Alex Aff HERE.

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