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Our goal is to provide readers information, visuals or audio content from emerging talent and not to over saturate with multiple articles.  Let each selective post we provide immerse in your thoughts, and show why we embrace the culture of New York and southern living.  Music. Entertainment. Art. Life. – Get your meal for the day!



Pronunciation: [snahy] —n. Canadian (chiefly Ontario).
1. a backwater.
2. a side-channel, esp. one that later rejoins the main stream.
3. a channel joining two rivers.


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the9elements Presents: Memory Lane w/ Salt N Pepa “Pushin It” on The TV


#HRDCVR Launch Celebration 📷 @darknyte

A photo posted by @elliottwilson on

Shiyana Bellamy (SNYE Founder) with Elliott Wilson and Danyel Smith at HRDCVR Launch Party  


The love for this guy is infinite. Thanks for your encouragement and help for people like myself @raeholliday #SNYWorld #SFPL A photo posted by Southern New Yorker (@southernyker) on

Shiyana Bellamy (SNYE Founder) with Rae Holliday

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